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Final Statement

After ample consideration Dutch death metal moloch Bloodgod has decided to pull the plug and disband. Here's why:

June 10, 2018 - for immediate release:

Bloodgod breaks up after 'bizarre sexual exploits and nervous breakdowns'

Dutch death metallers Bloodgod have decided to call it quits and will disband. They will play their final show at Big Ass Metal Fest #21 in Utrecht, the Netherlands on June 30, 2018. The festival line-up includes Downcast Collision, and The Mad Barron from the Netherlands plus Agonized from Germany and Suffocation of Soul from Brazil among other acts.

Bloodgod only issued two releases ('Pseudologia Phantastica' in 2013 and 'Catharsis' in 2017), but their history has been rife with rumors since their beginnings in 2011.

Now the break-up has become public, some of the reports on the three-member metal moloch's erratic behaviour are confirmed for the first time. Bass player and co-vocalist Frank van Boven reveals:

"The final straw came when Daan [Douma, guitars and lead vocals] became a straight-edge vegan and demanded we started using beet juice instead of goat's blood for our satanic rituals. To me, that was showing a critical lack of commitment to being trve".

When Daan Douma was asked to respond, he only acknowledged that the Bloodgod's time off the stage included bizarre sexual exploits and nervous breakdowns following multiple addiction-related issues:

"Initially all our band wages were spent on booze. But when Frank [van Boven] became battling more and more addictions, his mood swings and nervous breakdowns increased. Although, I have to admit - so did his sexual feats"."

Drummer Johnny Derechos was hard to reach and insisted on communicating through fax memos. Eventually he released the following hand-written statement:

"I was so tunnel-visioned with Bloodgod, it just absorbed my entire life. But recently fatigue set in. All I want to do now is to pursuit a career as aquarelle painter. My first couple of landscapes were received remarkably well among friends and family. I seem to have a lot of talent".

Still, Bloodgod's breakup comes as a surprise to many of their fans. Only three weeks ago Bloodgod released their latest music video, for 't Schrickelik Tempeest, meaning 'the horrible tempest' in old Dutch. This song is about the violent storm of August 1, 1674 that hit the episcopal cathedral in their hometown and turned it into ruins.

Those who want to see Bloodgod live on stage one last time and attend their farewell show, should order their tickets for Big Ass Metal Fest # 21 via dbs.stager.nl. Early Bird = € 6.00, pre-sale = € 8.00.


Bloodgod recordings

Check out Bloodgod's latest EP 'Catharsis'. Recorded and mixed at Mass Audio Studio in Utrecht, NL and mastered at Jacob Hansen Studios in Ribe, DK. Have a listen here:

Or enjoy all songs of this 5-track release at Bandcamp or Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, or ReverbNation among other platforms. Best enjoyed at maximum volume.

Listen free to Bloodgod's debut EP 'Pseudologia Phantastica', recorded and mixed at Studio Independent Recordings in Utrecht, the Netherlands:

Bloodgod music videos

Bloodgod - 't Schrickelik Tempeest (official lyric video)Official lyric video for 't Schrickelik Tempeest from 'Catharsis', Bloodgod's 2017 studio recording.

Bloodgod - Valar Morghulis (official lyric video)Official lyric video for Valar Morghulis from 'Catharsis', Bloodgod's second studio recording.

Bloodgod - Bloodgod (official lyric video)Official lyric video for the song Bloodgod from Bloodgod's debut EP 'Pseudologia Phantastica'.

Bloodgod - Heist (official music video)DIY studio recording full HD video footage of the song Heist from 'Pseudologia Phantastica', Bloodgod's first ever studio recording. thumbnail of Bloodgod's first music video on YouTube